Documents Reveal Meds Found in Home not Prescribed to Prince

Recently unsealed court documents reveal that none of the medications found in Prince’s home following his death last year were prescribed to him.

Opioid painkillers prescribed to Prince’s former drummer and longtime friend Kirk Johnson were located in the home, and medications were located in vitamin pill bottles and in envelopes, the released search warrants showed.  Prince’s former physician, Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg admitted he wrote an Oxycodone prescription for Prince under Johnson’s name for privacy purposes.  A search of the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program revealed no prescriptions had been issued for Prince under his name.  On the day of his death investigators also found Vicodin and Percocet located in different bottles in various locations throughout the home.

The medical examiner’s office found Prince had died of an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl, the strongest painkiller on the market and estimated to be at least 50 times more potent than morphine and at least 30 times more potent than heroin.  There have been no charges in connection with his death, but authorities say the investigation is still open and being investigated.

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