Did This Teen Mom Star Fall Off the Wagon?

Teen Mom has featured many people who have battled with addiction issues. One of the most notable cases is Amber Portwood, originally a star of 16 and Pregnant.

When the star recently celebrated her 25th birthday, though, fans were worried that she consumed some wine, thinking this could be a trigger to cause her to relapse.

Portwood was quick to note that her issues have never been with alcohol. She has always struggled with addiction to prescription medication, particularly Klonopin, anxiety medication which she was prescribed after giving birth, and Fentanyl, a painkiller used during her drug court stint.

She was able to kick these dangerous habits by choosing not to attend a drug rehab program and instead choosing a jail sentence.


Fans may be concerned that drinking wine may lead her back to taking painkillers, and while this is a valid concern as many addicts have multiple vices, addiction treatment specialists also say that if her alcohol consumption remains limited, she should be okay.

The star did reassure fans that she only indulges in alcohol on special occasions and that even then, she doesn’t drink much.

Hopefully, the star’s life continues to remain on track — after all, she has gone 3 years without relapsing and returning to her prescription addiction!

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