Dermatologist for the Stars Caught for Prescription Drug Abuse

We often hear about celebrities using drugs, including prescription medications. Recently a celebrity dermatologist was at the center of a prescription drug scandal – but she wasn’t writing prescriptions for her famous patients.

After a joint investigation conducted by the New York City Office of the Special Narcotics and federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Dr. Cheryl Karcher was arrested in July and indicted on 50 counts of criminal sale of prescription drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

According to the New York prosecutor, Karcher was using the names of current and former patients to fill prescriptions for her personal use and sale. The investigation found she had filed at least 15 prescriptions at pharmacies across Manhattan, telling pharmacists that she was filling prescriptions for her patients and delivering them.

In addition to collecting prescription drugs for her personal use, Karcher is charged with writing fraudulent prescriptions to a third party.

Well known on the Upper East Side, Karcher works with the Miss Universe organization and has also appeared on CNN and “The Early Show” on CBS. Prescription drugs she fraudulently obtained include Percocet and amphetamines.

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