Dennis Rodman Enters Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Dennis Rodman is no stranger to raising eyebrows. In the 1990s he was known for his bizarre appearance, and in 2013 he stormed back into the spotlight with several controversial visits to North Korea.

Now, Rodman is once again making the news for his alcohol addiction: the former NBA player is entering rehab to treat his alcohol abuse. According to sources, 52-year old Rodman checked into a New Jersey rehab center just a few days ago after returning from North Korea. His treatment is scheduled to span 30 days.

We’re looking back on Rodman’s extensive history of alcohol abuse, from several alcohol-fueled run-ins with the law to previous stints in treatment.

Dennis Rodman’s History of Alcohol Addiction

December 1999: First Drunk Driving Arrest

Rodman’s alcohol addiction first brought him legal trouble in December 1999, when he faced arrest for drunk driving and driving without a valid license. He pled guilty to the charges in June 2000, paying $2,000 in fines. Also as a part of his guilty plea, Rodman attended an alcohol addiction treatment program spanning three months.

April 2004: Drunk Driving in Vegas

After arrest for drunk driving in Las Vegas, Rodman pled no contest. Rodman was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and serve 30 days of house arrest.

May 2008 – 2009: Rehab & TV Appearances

In May 2008, Rodman entered rehab for his alcohol addiction. The treatment did not stick, however, and in May 2009 he exhibited strange behavior on Celebrity Apprentice, leading Rodman’s family and friends, including Phil Jackson, to stage an intervention.

As a part of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Rodman received 21 days of treatment for alcohol addiction at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Directly following the program, he entered a Hollywood Hills sober-living center. His week-long stay at the facility was also filmed for Sober House.

2013 and On

We can only hope that Rodman’s current month-long trip to rehab will help him better combat his alcohol addiction. Only time will tell!

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