About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

What better way to learn about drug & alcohol addiction through … our celebrities.

After all, we look to them for guidance on style and music. We follow their lead in how we wear our hair, decorate our homes, plan our weddings and even celebrate monumental moments in our lives. Why not also look to them for a good glimpse into the effects a life of drug & alcohol addiction.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not down on celebrities. Actually, we love them. And we can only imagine the stress and pressure they face by constantly being in the spotlight. Unfortunately for many that we cover about, the difficulties of their journeys are broadcasted for all to see … and blog about.

Learning from Celebrities

Behind all of our satire and blogging sarcasm is a deep-down love of these individuals and a hope to find meaning in their madness and help someone else. And we’d like to think if they could look back, they’d be thankful that their tragic stories have found some way to be redeemed for good.

Too many celebrities hid their addictions for too long, or glamorized their addictions, only to wind up in rehab, or even worse, in a grave. We have many things to learn from them, and our mission at Celebrity Down & Out is to simply point that out. The good, the bad and the ugly of drug and alcohol addiction.

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