Chris Brown Allegedly Threatens Tour Manager When on Drugs

It’s not the first time Chris Brown has caused controversy throughout his singing career. In recent news, he allegedly threatened his female tour manager while high on drugs. The tirade thrown by Chris Brown was so severe that the woman quit on the spot and left his tour bus after he cornered her. Following the domestic abuse charges he received for striking fellow singer and former girlfriend Rhianna, it isn’t any wonder that the woman made the decision that she made to resign?

Chris Brown has exhibited violent behavior towards other managers in the past including Mike G who sued the singer for the violent beat down he unleashed on the man. Drug and alcohol abuse causes people to do things out of character. People with a history of violence become even more combative while under the influence.

Knowing where Chris Brown’s career stands after the bad press he’s received recently is hard to tell. Perhaps, he’ll seek the help he needs to kick drug and alcohol abuse to the curb. Until then, his fans can only hope he’ll come to terms with his issues and continue to make music that they love.

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