Charlie Sheen’s Personal Announcement

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to notoriety. The former Two and a Half Men actor, 50, has formerly been in the public eye for a variety of substance abuse and legal issues. For years, we have seen stories of Sheen getting in trouble for using drugs, violating probation, and receiving restraining orders, among other problems. In 2005, ex-wife Denise Richards filed for divorce, citing his abuse of drugs and alcohol. In both 2010 and 2011 Sheen spent several stints in rehab. The 2011 stay was likely related to his drunken bender in NYC hotel room in which he was found intoxicated and naked in his completely trashed room.

Sheen has been accused of violent behavior towards women many times over the past few decades. Ex-wives Brooke Meuller and Denise Richards both held restraining orders against him at one time. Several ex-girlfriends have also accused him of acting violently towards them. It is not out of the realm of possibility to wonder if these incidents involved the use of drugs or alcohol.

A Troubled Past Catches up with Sheen

It was reported today that Sheen will appear on the Today show tomorrow to reveal something very personal. Several sources have reported that this personal announcement will be that the actor is HIV-positive. If the reports are true, Sheen has a long road ahead of him for battling the incurable immunodeficiency virus. The same sources reported that Sheen and those close to him have known about his infection for a long time and that he is currently getting treatment.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol increase the risk of being infected with HIV. The use of injection drugs causes about 10% of HIV infections each year due to the use of sharing used injecting equipment. Using drugs and alcohol also impair the judgement and mental abilities of the user, often resulting in risky decisions, such as unprotected sexual activity, that can also lead to HIV infection.

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