Charlie Sheen Resurfaces–“Hammered”

To the surprise of no one, video of Charlie Sheen has emerged in which the star admits to being “hammered” in the Taco Bell drive through line. The video has gone viral, but this is not good news for Sheen, who has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

Many remember the controversy started by Sheen when he was very publicly fired from the show “Two and a Half Men” in 2010. He was at the time the highest paid celebrity on television.

Are Charlie Sheen’s addiction issues flaring up again? Find out below!

Charlie Sheen Drunk Again

Is the Former TV Star Headed Down a Dangerous Path?

The viral video, shot on a cell phone, depicts a drunken Sheen wandering over to a car while in the Taco Bell drive through line. He exchanges friendly greetings with the car’s occupants, apologizes for being “hammered” and shows off his tattoos. Even if Sheen had not admitted to being drunk, his impairment is obvious from his slurred speech.

This is bad news for the star. When Warner Brothers fired him from “Two and a Half Men” in 2010, they cited his drug and alcohol use as the reason for his termination. Warner Brothers indicated that they feared for Sheen’s life in the face of his addiction. After a much publicized and very bizarre flurry of social media activity, Sheen retreated to him home, calling it “the Sober Valley Lodge” and took a drug test on camera to prove his sobriety. A year later, he admitted to drinking again in a Good Morning America interview, claiming that he didn’t believe in rehab.

Sheen Struggling with Alcohol

While Sheen’s antics may be entertaining for those of us on the outside, they seem to be indications of very deep seated substance abuse issues. His behavior cost him the highest paying role of TV, and if he isn’t careful it could cost him even more. The recent substance abuse deaths of celebrities like Cory Monteith and Philip Seymour Hoffman serve as grim reminders of the cost of drug addiction. Hopefully, Sheen will get help for his substance abuse problems before it is too late.

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