Charged With Assault, Emile Hirsch Checks Into Rehab

People attending Sundance expect to see some drama on the screen — but probably didn’t bet on the drama that unfolded at one party held during the film festival.

Emile Hirsch, star of “The Girl Next Door” and “Into the Wild,” allegedly attacked a Hollywood executive on January 25th.

Emile Hirsch Assaults Hollywood Executive

Police responded to an assault call at 3:52 AM in Park City, Utah. They report that Hirsch seemed intoxicated and that he began verbally harassing Paramount executive Daniele Bernfeld, calling her a “rich kid who should not be at Sundance.”

Per Bernfeld, she walked away and sat down with a friend — but Hirsch followed, coming up behind her and putting her in a chokehold. Then, Hirsch grabbed her, tugged her across the table, and landed on her, proceeding to choke her further.

Fortunately, two bystanders pulled the actor from Bernfeld.

When law enforcement arrived, Hirsch told them he had 3-4 drinks that night, but his glossed eyes, slurred words, and improper balance said otherwise. Since marks on Bernfeld’s chest and neck seemed to corroborate her version of events, Hirsch was charged with 3rd degree felony aggravated assault (for which he could fact up to 5 years in prison) and misdemeanor intoxication. His court date is March 16.

Alcohol to Blame; Hirsch Heads to Rehab

According to Hrisch’s spokesperson, Robert Offer, the star consumed far too much alcohol that night — way beyond 3-4 drinks — and has no memory of the incident.

The star is cooperating with law enforcement and taking his charges seriously. He has since checked into rehab to get professional help for his alcoholism.

We hope that rehab works for Hirsch, and that Bernfeld’s recovery has also been speedy.

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