Channing Tatum Admits to Experimenting With Drugs During His Stripper Days

Anyone who’s seen Channing Tatum’s semi-biographical film Magic Mike has seen the actor bare himself before — but in recent interviews the former stripper is exposing secrets he hasn’t before, admitting that he was a fan of drug experimentation before making it big.

Channing Tatum: Past Dabbles With Drugs

After leaving the University of South Florida, Tatum worked as an exotic dancer, citing the lifestyle of perpetually partying was what drew him to the profession. Along with heavy drinking, Tatum experimented with many illegal substances.

The actor says he doesn’t feel that he was getting lost in substance abuse “because I wasn’t doing anything habitually,” just “experimenting.”

He never tried heroin or crack, and also never overdosed. He used cocaine a few times, but not during his stripper years. His main vice during the time? Heavy drinking, though he feels this was a normal part of this period in his life, not a problem.

In the past, Tatum has spoken of his relationship with alcohol, stating he feels he is a high-functioning alcoholic. Recently, though, he’s clarified this comment, saying he just means he does things “in extreme.”

Hiopefully, Tatum’s experimentation with drugs is all in the past and that his alcohol use is under control.

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