Celebs Who Underwent Paternity Testing

Famous actor and Priceline Negotiator, William Shatner, has been hit with a $170 million paternity lawsuit by Peter Sloan, a DJ in Florida. According to the radio personality, Shatner once admitted that he was the man’s father but later retracted because no one knew about an affair he had with Sloan’s biological mother. The Floridian seeks damages for pain and suffering, punitive damages, and compensatory damages from Shatner. Star Trek’s leading man claims that Sloan has fraudulently represented himself as the actor’s child and therefore won’t agree to paternity testing.

This isn’t the first time, celebrities have found themselves in the middle of scandals involving illegitimate children or paternity testing. Eddie Murphy knows the drill all too well. After being ordered to take a paternity test by former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown, he learned that the child in question, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, was indeed his. The court then ordered the actor to pay child support to the child’s mother until his daughter reaches the age of 18.

Jay-Z, Keanu Reeves, and Steve Jobs were subjected to requests for paternity testing as well. The famous rapper has since refused the request filed by his supposed son and has opted to settle things financially through the court. Reeves agreed to paternity testing to prove he wasn’t the father of a fan’s four children. Jobs claimed that the child he had with a high school sweetheart wasn’t his. Paternity testing proved otherwise. The Apple founder later developed a relationship with his daughter whom he denied for two years.

Celebrities often get involved with people they don’t stay in relationships with. That’s where paternity testing becomes a necessity. Because a person spends a majority of their time in the limelight, it’s hard to say why a mother requests paternity testing. Sometimes it’s out of need and other times it’s out of greed, particularly in cases where the celebrity in question is not named the biological father of the child in question.

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