Celebs that Overcame Alcoholism

Too often we hear sad stories about celebrities succumbing to their alcoholism. However, there are many famous folks out there who have managed to walk back from the edge. Here are a few notable celebrities who have lived healthy lives after alcohol addiction.

Michael J. Fox

Beloved sitcom actor Michael J. Fox may have a clean image now, but he did grapple with alcoholism soon after his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. Fortunately, he was able to get the treatment he needed and came to terms with Parkinson’s. He is now an advocate for research and awareness of the disease, and he has stayed sober.

Stephen King

Known for his novels and collaboration on movies and television shows based on those books, Stephen King is regarded as a master of the horror genre. What many people may not realize is that the author struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. His family staged an intervention almost thirty years ago, enabling King to seek treatment and sober up. He is open about his struggles with sobriety, and often uses these emotions when writing his fiction. Some of his characters, such as Jack in “The Shining,” are also struggle addicts.

Daniel Radcliffe

The British actor best known for playing Harry Potter has a bit of a wild side! Radcliffe has admitted that during filming of the famous fantasy series, he was struggling with alcoholism, particularly during the sixth film. In 2010, he started treatment, and he has remained sober in the 5 years since.

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