Celebrities on Why They Don’t Use Drugs or Drink Alcohol

 After having some not-so-great experiences with alcohol, many of Hollywood’s hottest stars stopped drinking cold turkey.
Take Kristin Davis of the Sex and the City franchise. Although the character she plays is a swanky New Yorker who enjoys drinks by the gallon with her other female friends, the actress herself doesn’t drink because of an addiction she had as a teen.

Blake Lively is another actress who doesn’t drink alcohol. Her character on Gossip Girl may have hit the bottle (and the medicine cabinet!) hard, but she does not. She explains she has no desire to drink or do drugs whatsoever.

Other actors and actresses that refrain from drinking include recovering alcoholic Bradley Cooper, Russell Brand, Jennifer Lopez, Colin Farrell, and Kim Kardashian. Each states their own reason for not drinking alcohol.

Some say it ruins their skin. Others had personal experience battling alcoholism. Some didn’t like showing up on set hungover.

All made a conscientious decision not to abuse alcohol. Far too many celebrities battle addiction. Some win but many, sadly lose the battle.

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