Cee-Lo’s Sobriety

Drug and alcohol abuse is tragic. It strikes even the most outwardly happy and openly successful people in the world. Take musician Cee-Lo Green for example. He talks about his sobriety after struggling with drugs and alcohol. For 19 months, he has attended all 52 AA meetings, had over 10 clean drug and alcohol screenings, and completed over 360 hours of community service.

His sobriety is to be commended. At least that’s what his probation officer thinks after suggesting that Green be placed on informal probation, eliminating the need for check-ins at the probation office. The musician’s therapist also sees the value of his sobriety and has given the singer glowing reviews.

Green was give three years probation after pleading no contest to supplying the drug ecstasy to a woman he was on a date with. The unwanted press made it difficult for him to carry on with his responsibilities as a judge on NBC’s The Voice singing competition. Green’s outlandish outfits, sunglasses, and passion for music is what earned him a spot on the show and into the hearts of fans around the world. His sobriety is music to the ears of all who have grown to love and appreciate the musician.

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