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Percocet & Celebrity Deaths: the Cost of Prescription Drug Abuse

No one knows what trials celebrities go through until after they die from an overdose of prescription drugs. Prince’s recent death has many people talking about Percocet abuse and how addictive the drug is for famous musicians. Other celebs who faced addiction and eventually died as a result of drugs include the King of Rock […]

Did This Teen Mom Star Fall Off the Wagon?

Teen Mom has featured many people who have battled with addiction issues. One of the most notable cases is Amber Portwood, originally a star of 16 and Pregnant. When the star recently celebrated her 25th birthday, though, fans were worried that she consumed some wine, thinking this could be a trigger to cause her to relapse. […]

Amanda Bynes in a Bind Again – Arrested for DUI Thanks to Adderrall Use

Oh, Amanda Bynes. We had such hope for you. After release from rehab in December 2013, things were looking up for Bynes: she got closer with her parents. She started college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising part-time. For the most part, she stayed out of the public eye, looking happy and healthy when […]

Dermatologist for the Stars Caught for Prescription Drug Abuse

We often hear about celebrities using drugs, including prescription medications. Recently a celebrity dermatologist was at the center of a prescription drug scandal – but she wasn’t writing prescriptions for her famous patients. After a joint investigation conducted by the New York City Office of the Special Narcotics and federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Dr. Cheryl […]

Is Your Favorite NFL Player A Drug Addict?

It’s a dark time for the National Football League with the concussion problem looming over it. Though the league has taken and continues to take considerable measures to combat concussions, the fact remains — professional football is a violent sport. It is so violent that players have relied on a painkiller called toradol. The drug […]

Brett Favre | Drug Addiction

In 2007, Brett Favre, arguably the greatest quarterback who ever played the game, retired from football. However he came back from his retirement before the 2008 season could even start.  Then he retired again… and came back again… and retired again. Those who loved him rejoiced at every return. Those who didn’t love him so much […]

We’ve Got a Situation with “The Situation”

If you’ve ever watched five minutes of MTV’s Jersey Shore, you won’t be surprised about our celeb of the week’s addiction. In addition to camera shots of twenty-somethings in a hot tub, drinking and dancing at bars and throwing food across the kitchen in attempts to make dinner – the reality stars are showing that […]

The Fame, Fortune and Fall of Hollywood’s Favorites

As the nation and quite possibly the world mourned the passing of Whitney Houston the list of celebrities struggling with drug abuse and addition is staggering. Blame it on the lifestyle, the limitless finances, an altered reality, drug access or stardom. But whatever the case may be it’s obvious they need help and some are […]

Oh Marilyn …

A famous celebrity death that still has people scratching their heads is that of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful actress and star known for courting athletes, Hollywood producers and those in the Kennedy family – died very unexpectedly at age 36 on August 5, 1962. Even up until recent years, researchers have been sorting […]

Elvis Was The King … Until Pills Came Along

There’s a large “buzz” surrounding prescription drug abuse these days, and especially among teens. However, overdosing on prescription medication isn’t anything new. And in fact, it’s been around for awhile. Prescription medication abuse has taken the lives of many, including some well-known celebrities over the years. Dorothy Dandridge, Health Ledger and even Marilyn Monroe have […]