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Former USC Football Coach, Steve Sarkisian’s Problem with Alcohol

The University of Southern California (USC) fired its head football coach, Steve Sarkisian in October of last year. Sarkisian responded by filing a $30 million lawsuit. USC recently filed a response to the suit, claiming he fed the public lies about the university’s awareness of his issues with alcohol. USC said he never admitted to […]

San Francisco 49ers Player Aldon Smith Dropped from Team After 3rd DUI

With training camps in session and the season just around the corner, jail is the last place a football player wants to be right now. For former San Francisco 49ers player Aldon Smith, prison is a reality. The linebacker was recently arrested for his third DUI after being involved in a hit and run. Now, […]

Drug Enforcement Administration Investigating NFL’s Mishandling of Prescription Drugs

Last Sunday, three football stadiums saw action outside of the gridiron, as the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made unannounced visits to verify ex-players’ claims about the misuse of prescription drugs.

Fall of the Honey Badger

You’d think the football “glory days” would be enough. You’re headed into your junior year of college. You just came off a season where you’ve appeared in the NCAA National Title Game. And, you’ve been considered for the Heisman Trophy (the mother of all awards in sports.) Plus, you’re keen on getting better results the […]