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Documents Reveal Meds Found in Home not Prescribed to Prince

Recently unsealed court documents reveal that none of the medications found in Prince’s home following his death last year were prescribed to him.

“16 and Pregnant” Reality TV Star Dies of Apparent Overdose

According to Valerie Fairman’s mom, Janice Fairman,  Valerie was desperately trying to get clean for years before dying from a suspected overdose recently.  They had spoke on the phone just a little over a week prior and her mom said she was “way up” and “very good.” Over the past five years Valerie checked into 5 […]

Pop Icon Prince, 57, Dies; Reports of Previous Opiate Overdose Surface

Yesterday, fans worldwide were shocked to hear of the death of Prince, pop star known for hits like “1999” and “Purple Rain.” The icon was found dead at his home in Minneapolis, just days after he fell ill when on tour and was admitted to the hospital. Now, reports are surfacing that his death was […]

Rapper DMX’s Reported Drug Overdose Scare

Earl Simmons, commonly known by his stage name DMX, was sent to the emergency room several weeks ago after collapsing outside his hotel in New York. The 45-year-old rapper was first reported to have suffered a severe asthma attack that left him collapsing to the ground with shortness of breath. While the No Sunshine rapper […]