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Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive End Randy Gregory Fails 7th Drug Test

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has failed another NFL drug test and his 7th failed drug test since his football career started.  

NBA Star Shooting Down Claims of “Doping” Issue Within NBA

Another NBA star is shooting down more claims from the recent book written by George Karl, a former professional basketball coach and former player. He is one of 9 coaches in NBA history to have won 1,000 NBA games.

“16 and Pregnant” Reality TV Star Dies of Apparent Overdose

According to Valerie Fairman’s mom, Janice Fairman,  Valerie was desperately trying to get clean for years before dying from a suspected overdose recently.  They had spoke on the phone just a little over a week prior and her mom said she was “way up” and “very good.” Over the past five years Valerie checked into 5 […]

‘Into the Wild’ Actor Emile Hirsch Opens Up About Rehab

Nearly two years ago actor Emile Hirsch assaulted a female film executive at the Sundance Film Festival. Hirsch finally opened up about the incident during Josh Horowitz’s podcast “Happy Sad Confused.” Hirsch confessed that to this day, he feels terrible about choking the exec. “I’m still just so sorry for what happened and still just shocked even that it happened. Also, […]

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Explained.

With the Summer Olympics in full swing, performance enhancing drugs are making headlines. Mostly, the focus has been on the ban of Russian athletes who have tested positive various banned substances. The use of performance enhancing drugs is nothing new, and it may be helpful to understand more about what they are. There are four […]

Russian Doping Scandal May Keep Country Out of 2016 Olympics

Drugs and sports are, unfortunately, a common pairing. The pressure to be the best, even as young as at high school level sports, results in many athletes turning to drugs to improve their performance. According to the International Association of Athletics Federations, Russia’s problem with athletic doping is especially severe–enough so that the country might be […]

Scott Weiland’s Cause of Death Confirmed

As we previously reported, Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland died while on a tour stop in Bloomingon, Minnesota on December 3. Today his cause of death has been confirmed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, who released a statement saying that the rock star died of accidental “mixed drug toxicity.” The report also cited […]

Lamar Odom: Overdose Update

Former NBA powerhouse Lamar Odom is still in the hospital following his cocaine-induced coma in October. While the athlete has regained consciousness since his cocaine-related health emergency, the struggle to recovery is far from over. In fact, sources close to Odom have reported that it is not likely that he will make a full recovery, […]

Charlie Sheen’s Personal Announcement

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to notoriety. The former Two and a Half Men actor, 50, has formerly been in the public eye for a variety of substance abuse and legal issues. For years, we have seen stories of Sheen getting in trouble for using drugs, violating probation, and receiving restraining orders, among other problems. In […]

Musicians Lost Too Soon to Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse are usually private matters. However, alcohol abuse and other substance abuse problems frequently afflict public figures, like musicians. Many theories have been advanced as to why drug and alcohol abuse seem to be so prevalent among recording artists, though nothing conclusive has been determined. Regardless, all of these musicians were taken […]