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Young Indiana Jones and the Story of River Phoenix

What did John Belushi, Chris Farley and Mitch Hedberg have in common?  They were all hilarious.  But sadly, this is not all they had in common.  They each died from a powerful combination of cocaine and heroin, called a “speedball”.  The speedball is notorious for taking the lives of Hollywood personalities.  One young Hollywood personality […]

Fat Guy in A Little Coat … With a Coke Addiction

Although it’s been over a decade since he passed away, it’s as if comedian Chris Farley never really left us. His legacy continues to live on through numerous Tommy Boy quotes still tossed around as if the movie came out yesterday. At the time of his death, many were shocked and sad to lose such […]

Aerosmith Stays on Air

I’ll go ahead and admit it – I watched 60 Minutes the other night. Yes, I was bored. No, I’m not in my 60s. Actually, I’m not even 30 yet. But their feature on Aerosmith caught my eye so I sucked up my pride and watched them tell the tale of this rocking band. And […]

Anna Nicole Smith… We Should Have Seen it Coming

Now we realize a celebrity’s life isn’t easy. Constant media attention, pressure to appear perfect and the high societal standards to constantly obtain cannot be easy. However with Anna Nicole Smith, it’s harder to give her a pass. Probably because she’s one of the most famous “gold diggers” out there who lived for the spotlight […]

Oh Marilyn …

A famous celebrity death that still has people scratching their heads is that of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful actress and star known for courting athletes, Hollywood producers and those in the Kennedy family – died very unexpectedly at age 36 on August 5, 1962. Even up until recent years, researchers have been sorting […]

Elvis Was The King … Until Pills Came Along

There’s a large “buzz” surrounding prescription drug abuse these days, and especially among teens. However, overdosing on prescription medication isn’t anything new. And in fact, it’s been around for awhile. Prescription medication abuse has taken the lives of many, including some well-known celebrities over the years. Dorothy Dandridge, Health Ledger and even Marilyn Monroe have […]

Amy Winehouse had too much Wine

… or actually, it looks like it was vodka. We thought we’d kick off our Celebrity Down & Out blog by talking about the story that’s probably the freshest in all of our minds. Name a celebrity that’s gone overboard on drugs & alcohol? Who’s known for destructive habits of substance abuse? Hands down, it’s […]