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Amanda Bynes: a Post-Rehab Rehash

27-year old Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon starlet recently in the news for her apparent mental breakdown, was released from rehab in early December after five months of treatment. From drug use and DUIs to strange Tweets and even criminal behavior, Bynes has had a few rollercoaster years in a row. Amanda Bynes Released From Rehab: […]

Mischa Barton’s Mental Breakdown

You may know her as privileged California girl Marissa Cooper from The O.C., but in reality, actress Mischa Barton’s life was not all sunshine and beaches. The 27-year old, whose notable roles have slowed since her character was killed off the show in 2006, suffered from a nervous breakdown and drug addiction in the past, […]

Hit Me Baby One More Time | Britney Spears in Rehab

Now the files on Britney Spears are getting a little dusty, which is a good thing. But as a blog that covers celebs in rehab and celebs that struggle with addiction, we had to give this pop princess a turn. Who is Britney Spears? Just about everyone knows who Britney Spears is, and especially those […]