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Recent Drug Policy Violations – Von Miller & Miguel Tejada

You often hear headlines in passing regarding professional athletes being suspended for violating drug policies. These athletes are likely being looked up to by kids and aspiring athletes nationwide, which make these suspensions especially heartbreaking (or if you’re counting on them for your fantasy team this year!)

A-Rod and Teammates are Taking Some Hard Hits

Just two weeks ago, Alex Rodriguez, better known as “A-Rod,” and a few of his teammates were taking some serious hits…and they weren’t on the baseball field. It seems that the MLB (Major League Baseball) has been targeted by a whistleblower, who is threatening to reveal proof that approximately 100 baseball players have purchased illegal […]

You Can’t Trust A-Rod

A-Rod still doesn’t get it. With Lance Armstrong’s recent admission that he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his career, it’s difficult to see any professional athlete as credible when they deny using PEDs. That wasn’t a problem for Yankee’s star, Alex Rodriguez, who has already admitted to using PEDs from 2001 to 2003. But a […]

Josh Hamilton … And His Saving Grace

About a month ago if we would have talked about Josh Hamilton, our commentary might have read a little differently. But thanks to Hamilton’s slip last week that caused a media outpouring of photos, videos, news reports and commentaries, we’re not so sure what to think. And while we want the best for Josh, we’re […]