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David Cassidy Explains Recent Performance After Fans Speculated He Was Intoxicated

David Cassidy was recently seen slurring his words, stumbling on stage and almost falling over in a recent performance. 

Former ‘Scandal’ Star Addresses Drug & Alcohol Use

Actor Columbus Short, best known for his three season stint on ABC’s hit drama Scandal, is sharing details about the six months he spent in Atlanta, GA, claiming the move and a renewed focus on his music helped him overcome drug and alcohol abuse. According to Short, he turned to using hard drugs and abusing alcohol […]

Channing Tatum Admits to Experimenting With Drugs During His Stripper Days

Anyone who’s seen Channing Tatum’s semi-biographical film Magic Mike has seen the actor bare himself before — but in recent interviews the former stripper is exposing secrets he hasn’t before, admitting that he was a fan of drug experimentation before making it big. Channing Tatum: Past Dabbles With Drugs After leaving the University of South Florida, Tatum worked as […]

Zac Efron Discusses Drug & Alcohol Problems

Zac Efron has recently opened up about his drug and alcohol problems. The former Disney Channel star — who appears in the upcoming Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne — completed a stay in rehab last year. Read on for more about Efron’s drug and alcohol problems and how he’s dealing with them today.

Sober Celebrities: 5 Former Addicts Who Have Stayed Clean

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death by presumed heroin overdose earlier this month put the spotlight on celebrity drug and alcohol addiction. After 23 years of sobriety, Hoffman relapsed in 2012 and died in early 2014, making people wonder whether sobriety and celebrity life is incompatible. Despite the high-profile drug and alcohol addiction that’s splashed across the […]

Dennis Rodman Enters Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Dennis Rodman is no stranger to raising eyebrows. In the 1990s he was known for his bizarre appearance, and in 2013 he stormed back into the spotlight with several controversial visits to North Korea. Now, Rodman is once again making the news for his alcohol addiction: the former NBA player is entering rehab to treat […]

Bradley Cooper Opens Up About Drug & Alcohol Abuse

In a recent interview with GQ, Bradley Cooper shared details and insight on his former drug and alcohol abuse. The Oscar-nominated star of The Silver Linings Playbook was candid about how his addiction affected his career. Bradley Cooper Drug & Alcohol Abuse: Life Before the A-List Before his star-making turns in The Hangover trilogy, 38-year-old […]

Celebrities in Rehab: a 2013 Review

As the year comes to a close, we’re reviewing some of the notable famous faces who have entered rehab to seek help for drug or alcohol addictions. Celebrity Rehab Stints: 2013 in Review Zac Efron’s Cocaine Abuse Former High School Musical star Zac Efron struggled with cocaine abuse and checked into rehab earlier this year. […]

Amanda Bynes: a Post-Rehab Rehash

27-year old Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon starlet recently in the news for her apparent mental breakdown, was released from rehab in early December after five months of treatment. From drug use and DUIs to strange Tweets and even criminal behavior, Bynes has had a few rollercoaster years in a row. Amanda Bynes Released From Rehab: […]

Mischa Barton’s Mental Breakdown

You may know her as privileged California girl Marissa Cooper from The O.C., but in reality, actress Mischa Barton’s life was not all sunshine and beaches. The 27-year old, whose notable roles have slowed since her character was killed off the show in 2006, suffered from a nervous breakdown and drug addiction in the past, […]