Bobbi Kristina’s Flame, Nick Gordon, Headed to Rehab

In our last update on Bobbi Kristina Brown, the late Whitney Houston’s daughter was on life support in an Atlanta hospital after she was discovered unresponsive in her bathtub.

Now, there are conflicting reports about her condition, with her family saying her condition is still very serious, and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, claiming her “vital signs are good.”

It seems that Gordon’s troubles aren’t limited to Bobbi Kristina’s medical problems. He’s headed to rehab for substance abuse after an intervention by Dr. Phil.

Nick Gordon Rehab Visit

Dr. Phil’s Intervention

After Gordon spent lots of time binge drinking, his mother decided it was time for an intervention. She called in TV’s Dr. Phil for support.

The intervention will be televised on March 11 — but, spoiler alert, Gordon is now apparently in rehab to address his substance abuse issues.

Gordon’s Drug Use & Influence

It’s alleged that Gordon was very actively doing drugs around Bobbi Kristina. Reports say that she was using various drugs — cocaine, Xanax, and heroin among them — in the months before she was hospitalized on January 31.

Police reports indicate that law enforcement was frequently called to the couple’s house due to noise complaints, suggesting they were frequent partiers.

Trauma from Houston’s Death?

Gordon’s mother is claiming that he was actually present when Houston was found in a hotel bathroom in February 2012.

Although her statement contradicts Houston’s official autopsy report, Gordon’s mother says her son administered CPR when Houston was found. He then supposedly called his mother on the phone agonized over the fact that his life-saving efforts had failed. She says he still feels guilt over Houston’s death to this day.

Will Rehab Help?

Dr. Phil is footing the bill for Gordon’s rehab — and hopefully, treatment will prove effective, as Gordon’s mother thinks that Bobbi Kristina’s incident may push him over the edge for good.

We wish Gordon the best in his recovery.

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