Blurred Lies? Robin Thicke Admits to Vicodin, Alcohol Addiction

Currently embroiled in a copyright infringement lawsuit over his hit song “Blurred Lines,” singer Robin Thicke asserts that he never actually wrote the song — and that he only said he penned it because he was high.

The crooner behind last year’s love-it-or-hate-it song of the summer has admitted to drug and alcohol addiction.

Robin Thicke: I Didn’t Write “Blurred Lines”

Entertainment aficionados may remember Thicke stating that he had a large role in writing the song, but now he’s backpeddling, asserting that he didn’t actually write anything.

According to Thicke’s defense, the singer was simply jealous of collaborator Pharrell, who actually wrote the track. Before his interviews, Thicke would take a Vicodin, and drink a water bottle full of vodka during the sessions.

Thicke says he was thus high and drunk during every interview, so he doesn’t quite remember what he said — but that his intoxicated state was responsible for the false statements about his role in the song.

Thicke Says Drug & Alcohol Addiction Caused His Split From Paula Patton

He also states that his estranged wife, Paula Patton, left him once he came clean about his addictions.

Now, Thicke is off the Vicodin, but still drinks.

Skeptics might question the credibility of Thicke’s admissions, particularly because he’s in the middle of a lawsuit that hinges on his involvement in creating “Blurred Lines.” Hopefully if his story is true, though, Thicke will consider receiving treatment for his alcohol addiction.

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