Bachelor Alum Chris Bukowski Admits Xanax & Reality TV Addiction

Bachelor Alum Chris Bukowski

Fans of this summer’s frothy reality show Bachelor in Paradise 2 all raised a collective eyebrow when Chris Bukowski, a 4-time Bachelor alum, returned for his 5th turn in the reality TV spinoff.

After appearing on The Bachelorette (twice), Bachelor Pad 3, and Bachelor in Paradise 1, it seemed like Bukowski was just out to have a good time and extend his time on television.

After drinking away his 1 day appearance on BIP2, it seems Bukowski realizes he has a problem with alcohol use and reality TV obsession. He was blacked out during his time on the show, and it clearly showed.

He also says that fallout from his Bachelor Pad appearance, during which he was widely regarded as a villain, created stress on his relationships with his father and mother and ultimately made him turn to anti-anxiety medications. He grew addicted to these prescriptions, including Xanax, which further exacerbated his downward spiral.

Now, Bukowski is acknowledging his demons and swears he will not be making another appearance on reality TV. Whether this while hold true remains to be seen; however, we wish him all the best in his recovery.

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