Amy Poehler Abused Cocaine, Ecstasy During Battle With Depression

You wouldn’t know it from her lighthearted personality, but as she disclosed in her recently-released memoir “Yes Please,” comedian Amy Poehler has struggled with drug abuse due to her extreme postpartum depression.

Amy Poehler’s Struggles With Drug Abuse & Depression

Postpartum Depression, 2008

After the birth of her son, Archie, in 2008, “Parks and Recreation” star Poehler experienced severe postpartum depression that eventually led her to drug abuse.

According to Poehler, drug use was a coping mechanism to address the depression, which was “deeper than I could handle.”

Her drug of choice? Cocaine. In her memoir, Poehler writes that cocaine use led her to party all night with almost-strangers and led to some intense and terrible hangovers.

Ecstasy Abuse

Poehler also abused ecstasy, and while the high was wonderful, she described the day-after low as “crippling.” If anything, this drug abuse actually exacerbated her depression.

The birth of her second son, Abel, did little to improve the situation, as her issues with postpartum depression continued.

Divorce from Will Arnett

In September 2012, Poehler’s husband of 9 years, Will Arnett, filed for divorce. Fans of the funny couple were shocked and saddened. With Amy’s new admission, fans may understand his reasoning behind ending the marriage.

Though split, the two do co-parent Archie and Abel. Arnett has admitted to an intense struggle with alcohol abuse in his 20s and 30s, but he has maintained his sobriety for many years.

Poehler’s Current Drug Use

Now, Poehler says she’s quit hard drugs like cocaine and ecstasy because she just can’t handle the resulting hangover.

She does still smoke marijuana on occasion, but not as much as she once did, because she can’t “perform, drive, or write stoned.”

Hopefully, Poehler’s hard drug abuse really is in her past. We wish her all the best in keeping her addictions at bay!

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