Amanda Bynes: Erratic Behavior Caused by Weed Use?

After last year’s rehab stint, Amanda Bynes seems to be recovering well. She’s currently enrolled in Orange County’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and has appeared to stay focused on her sobriety and mental health.

Recently, however, rumors of Bynes’ supposed mental illness have made headlines.

Both Bynes and her mother, Lynn, have denied the allegations, saying that she is not currently suffering from mental illness and has never in the past.

According to Lynn Bynes, Amanda’s troubles all surfaced when she was under the influence of marijuana.

The actress has had a few well-publicized moments involving drugs. Rumors surfaced in February 2013, asserting Bynes had some dust-ups with her building management after she was caught smoking marijuana. In April 2013, Bynes was spotted in Times Square smoking something that resembled a joint. Weeks later on April 20th, she was reportedly kicked out of a fitness center for smoking marijuana. Bynes denied these allegations, saying she was merely smoking tobacco.

Bynes’ drug problems really came to light in May 2013 when she was arrested for possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. Police reported that Bynes flung her bong from her 36th floor apartment, though Bynes insisted it was a vase.

Now, Bynes’ mother says that her strange behavior, from the eyebrow-raising Tweets to setting fire in a stranger’s driveway, was all due to her marijuana use — not mental illness.

If this is true, one can only hope that Bynes is able to continue staying on the drug-free path she has maintained since leaving rehab in December.

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