Amanda Bynes in a Bind Again – Arrested for DUI Thanks to Adderrall Use

Oh, Amanda Bynes. We had such hope for you.

After release from rehab in December 2013, things were looking up for Bynes: she got closer with her parents. She started college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising part-time. For the most part, she stayed out of the public eye, looking happy and healthy when she did emerge. We all though Bynes’ erratic days were behind her.

It seems that Bynes’ substance-free siesta is over, though. Early in the morning on Sunday, September 28, Bynes was arrested in Sherman Oaks, California after stopping her Mercedes midway through an intersection after running a red light.

Amanda Bynes Arrested

Unable to pass field sobriety tests, Bynes was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. At the time of her arrest, she didn’t have alcohol in her system. But a new California law allows police to book suspects for suspicion of “drugged driving.”

Before she was released from custody, Bynes had blood drawn for a toxicology test. Police won’t have the report back within 60 days, but one source claims Bynes was under the influence of a stimulant. Another identifies the stimulant as Adderrall.

What Lead to Bynes’ Latest Meltdown?

Currently serving her 3-year probation sentence — handed down in a February 2014 hearing in which she plead no contest to “wet reckless” driving in April 2012 — Bynes was doing fine for a while. It seems that the conclusion of her parents’ conservatorship in early September precipitated her slide back into substance abuse.

According to reports, Bynes’ breakdown all began after her parents’ legal watch over her ended. She began skipping class and forgoing her prescribed psychiatric medications with marijuana, alcohol, and Adderrall.

Can Amanda Bynes Get Back on the Wagon?

Once the toxicology reports are back, we’ll see what exactly Bynes was using during her latest arrest. We’re still hoping that reports of her substance abuse are exaggerated. Bynes is due in court on October 23, so we’ll see what happens next.

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