Addiction Updates: Celebrities Who are Still Clean

We’ve written before about celebrities that have managed to get and stay sober. Today, we are again celebrating public figures who have battled addiction but received the help they needed and managed to keep their disease under control.These three celebrities are a testament to the dedication it takes to succeed in addiction recovery.

Drew Barrymore

As part of the legendary Barrymore dynasty, child actress Drew was exposed to fame and drug use at a young age. Alcohol and cigarette use began at age 9, marijuana use at age 10, and cocaine use by age 12. Her addiction lead her to several teenage stints in rehab, and eventually it paid off, as she has stayed sober for years. Now a mother of 2 girls, Barrymore has spoken out about her addiction and how she will discuss her past with her children: “I will absolutely instill in her that you cannot be ashamed of the journey that it took, you know, to get where you are if you are proud of yourself… But I will also try to instill in her that I did not have guidance, and that is why I lived my life that way.”


Rap artist Eminem battled addiction to prescription painkillers. He refused to listen to concerns from friends and loved ones, justifying his addiction by reasoning that it would be worse to be addicted to heroin or other illicit substances.

A drug overdose sent the rapper to rehab, but he ended up relapsing after his stay. Finally, he decided to commit to sobriety in order to be a better father to his children. Support from friend Elton John also helped him stay sober.

Michael Phelps

As the most decorated Olympic competitor, you might expect that Michael Phelps leads a totally healthy life. The Olympian has had several public legal dustups involving substance use, including a DUI, a trip to rehab for alcoholism, and marijuana use. Now training for the 2016 Olympics, Phelps has committed to sobriety.

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