2014 NFL Suspensions for Substance Abuse Already High in the Preseason

With preseason games almost concluded, football fans across the US are gearing up for the season.

Some fans will be disappointed to learn that many NFL players have already been suspended for substance abuse.

Here are the details on some of the most notable substance abuse suspensions thus far.

2014 NFL Substance Abuse Suspensions

Josh Gordon

Star wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns, Josh Gordon, was suspended after a failed drug test during the 2014 draft. The Browns attempted to appeal the 1-year suspension, but it was recently upheld. Gordon argues that he failed the test due to secondhand marijuana smoke. Gordon’s history of drug use dates back to his college career at Baylor, when he was twice suspended for reported marijuana use before his ultimate dismissal.

Fred Davis

Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis was suspended indefinitely in February 2014. Davis was busted for marijuana use in January. This came after his previous 4-game suspension in 2011. Since Davis was set to become a free agent on March 11, it remains to be seen how this latest suspension will affect his career.

Will Hill

Former Giants safety Will Hill has found a new home in Baltimore. The Ravens were apparently not phased by Hill’s 6-game suspension, which he earned by violating the NFL substance abuse policy. Hill has a record of using performance-enhancing drugs, too. We’ll see if he stays clean as the season progresses.

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