“16 and Pregnant” Reality TV Star Dies of Apparent Overdose

According to Valerie Fairman’s mom, Janice Fairman,  Valerie was desperately trying to get clean for years before dying from a suspected overdose recently.  They had spoke on the phone just a little over a week prior and her mom said she was “way up” and “very good.”

Over the past five years Valerie checked into 5 different rehab treatment facilities but each attempt was unsuccessful.  Her last visit to rehab was just a few months ago after Valerie had served time in prison for a probation violation.

The coroner will be conducting toxicology tests to determine the exact cause of death.  First responders initially thought it may have been a heart attack but needles were found on the scene causing them to suspect a drug overdose.

Unfortunately, Valerie’s rehab attempts were not successful in her attempts to get clean.  We’re here to offer drug and alcohol testing, often a necessary step in rehabilitation.

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