Blac Chyna’s Ecstasy Bust Dismissed

Blac Chyna was arrested about a year ago in Austin International Airport after some erratic behavior and verbal abusive with a bartender. Police said they found 2 ecstasy pills in her sunglasses case. Prosecutors in Austin filed to drop the third degree felony charge against Blac Chyna and a judge recently dismissed the charge. Chyna’s prosecution was […]

Lamar Odom Checks Out Of Drug Rehab Facility

Lamar Odom has recently finished completing a 35 day stint in rehab and will be heading back to his home in Los Angeles.  

NBA Star Shooting Down Claims of “Doping” Issue Within NBA

Another NBA star is shooting down more claims from the recent book written by George Karl, a former professional basketball coach and former player. He is one of 9 coaches in NBA history to have won 1,000 NBA games.

“16 and Pregnant” Reality TV Star Dies of Apparent Overdose

According to Valerie Fairman’s mom, Janice Fairman,  Valerie was desperately trying to get clean for years before dying from a suspected overdose recently.  They had spoke on the phone just a little over a week prior and her mom said she was “way up” and “very good.” Over the past five years Valerie checked into 5 […]

Joseline Hernandez Claims to be “Clean and Sober”, Stevie J Not Convinced Testing Is Accurate

Joseline Hernandez claims to be clean and sober, filing documents and three drug test results showing that she tested negative for cocaine, amphetamines and marijuana.  Her soon-to-be-baby daddy, Stevie J, is not convinced. Joseline had also filed documents from her health care provider stating she’s had a healthy pregnancy.  Stevie’s not believing her drug testing […]

‘Into the Wild’ Actor Emile Hirsch Opens Up About Rehab

Nearly two years ago actor Emile Hirsch assaulted a female film executive at the Sundance Film Festival. Hirsch finally opened up about the incident during Josh Horowitz’s podcast “Happy Sad Confused.” Hirsch confessed that to this day, he feels terrible about choking the exec. “I’m still just so sorry for what happened and still just shocked even that it happened. Also, […]

“The Weeknd” Shares ‘Drugs Were A Crutch’

The 26-year-old singer recently sat down with The Guardian to open up about his past and “heavy” drug use. The singer was chatting with the publication about his upbringing in Toronto, Canada saying: “I didn’t have a father figure in the house. No boys around. Just me and my mom.” When he was only 17, he dropped […]

UFC Star Jon Jones: “I’m Not a Drug Cheat”

Jon Jones says is pretty happy after showing he is “not a drug cheat” by arbitrators in his doping case, despite the fact he tested positive for 2 banned substances. Jones faced a 1-year ban from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency after a failed test in June, then given the maximum punishment. Despite this, Jones is taking solace […]

Ex NFL Player Shaun Phillips Says NFL Should Give Out Free Weed Instead of RX Pills

Ex-NFL defensive player Shaun Phillips says the NFL is giving out the wrong drugs, insisting the league should instead be handing out marijuana to players and just saying NO to prescription pills. Phillips played 11 seasons in the national league and says he received free Rx pills during his career to manage pain … while being threatened with […]

Alcohol and Cocaine Found in Toxicology Report for MLB Pitcher José Fernández

MLB pitcher José Fernández for the Miami Marlins was killed late last month in a boating accident in Florida. Gonzalez has now been found to be legally drunk and with cocaine in his system at the time of the accident, according to recent toxicology reports. According to the Miami Herald, the famed pitcher had a blood-alcohol content of […]